Meldungen 17.11.2004

17.11.2004: Meldung: United Solar Ovonic Signs Agreement with Biohaus PV Handels GmbH

Laminates to be Integrated with Biohaus Unique Panel Design to Address the BIPV Market in Germany


United Solar Ovonic LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. today announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Biohaus PV Handels GmbH for sale of up to 9.6 MW of photovoltaic (PV) laminates.


Biohaus will incorporate the UNI-SOLAR® BIPV laminates with its proprietary panel design to address Germany"s expanding grid-connected PV market. Using United Solar Ovonic"s thin-film amorphous solar laminates, these thin-film products will be the highest rated peak power modules available on the German market.


"The UNI-SOLAR laminates, combined with our unique design, will address the market for power modules used for on-grid systems," said Willi Ernst, Managing Director of Biohaus. "We have selected UNI-SOLAR laminates due, in part, to the exceptional performance characteristics which integrate seamlessly with our designs and marketing strategy."


"Our collaboration with Biohaus is an excellent fit with our overall strategy to develop long-term agreements that bring together our technology with value-added processes to produce a finished product that addresses the growing market in Germany," said Salama Naguib, United Solar Ovonic"s Global VP of Sales and Marketing. "We are delighted that Biohaus has selected our products as the preferred choice for its designs."


United Solar Ovonic"s unique thin-film amorphous solar products are being accepted as the ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications. The UNI-SOLAR® Ovonics@Work products are flexible, durable, lightweight, and easy to install.


About Uni-Solar Ovonic


United Solar Ovonic, building on technology invented and pioneered by ECD Ovonics, is the world leader in thin-film amorphous photovoltaics. Uni-Solar Ovonic"s 30-megawatt production equipment is the world"s largest and most advanced machine for the manufacture of thin-film amorphous-silicon alloy solar cells and related products that are used for a variety of applications. Because of characteristics unique to the Uni-Solar Ovonic"s solar cell technology, such as lightweight, ruggedness and flexibility, it is ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems for residential and industrial customers. ECD Ovonics and Uni-Solar Ovonic hold the basic patents covering the continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing of thin-film amorphous- silicon alloy multi-junction solar cells and related products. More information is available atwww.uni-solar.com.


About Biohaus


Founded in 1985 as an installation company of thermal collectors, Biohaus is among German pioneer companies in the solar sector. In the 1990"s, Biohaus integrated PV applications into its portfolio and became a well-known wholesaler of PV in Germany specializing in BIPV. In 2002, Biohaus developed the world"s biggest solar roof tile and the corresponding installation system. For more information, please visitwww.biohaus.deandwww.biosol.org.



Source: United Solar Ovonic LLC



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