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DEVENS, Mass. - AMSC, a global solutions provider serving wind and grid leaders, announced that two of its D-VAR STATCOM reactive compensation solutions will be used to increase grid reliability on the U.K.'s power grid. SSE will utilize AMSC's D-VAR reactive compensation and voltage control systems to enhance the electricity grid in the Western Isles of Scotland near the future wind farms at Stornoway and Loch Carnan. AMSC's D-VAR solution includes installation and ongoing maintenance and support for SSE. The contract calls for commissioning of the D-VAR solution near the Stornoway Wind Farm by the end of 2012. Commissioning of the system near the Loch Carnan Wind Farm is expected in the first half of 2013. This marks AMSC's ninth D-VAR system sale to SSE.

"Over the past eight years, AMSC has become SSE's most trusted provider of STATCOM systems to correct voltage instability problems on our network as well as to reliably and cost-effectively connect renewable energy power plants to electricity grid," said Stephen Wood, Lead Delivery Project Manager, SSE. "We are pleased to work with AMSC once again to ensure that we are delivering reliable, high quality power to our customers."

Grid instability can be caused by a variety of factors, including greater power demands from more customers in more locations and the increase in variable and distributed sources of generation, as is the case with SSE for this installation. AMSC's D-VAR STATCOM solutions are utilized to fortify power networks to enable them to become more resilient and efficient. The D-VAR systems are constantly monitoring the power grid and automatically and instantly stabilize voltage to enable higher power transfer through existing power lines with increased reliability and efficiency. AMSC's D-VAR solutions are also utilized to reliably interconnect sources of renewable energy to power grids.

"Our D-VAR STATCOM solution is increasingly being relied upon by electric utilities to automatically and instantly inject precise amounts of reactive power into the grid to stabilize voltage and relieve network congestion," said AMSC President and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel P. McGahn. "We are proud to team with SSE once again and expect demand for our D-VAR solution to continue building among power grid operators worldwide."

D-VAR dynamic reactive compensation systems are classified as Static Compensators, or "STATCOMs," a member of the FACTS (Flexible AC-Transmission System) family of power electronic solutions for alternating current (AC) power grids. AMSC's D-VAR solutions are able to detect and instantaneously compensate for voltage disturbances by dynamically injecting leading or lagging reactive power into the power grid. AMSC has received orders for over 100 STATCOM power grid solutions worldwide. The company's D-VAR STATCOM customers include more than 20 power grid operators worldwide.

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About SSE   

SSE plc is one of the UK's leading energy companies. Its core purpose is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. It is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity; energy trading; the development of major renewable energy projects; the extraction, storage, distribution and supply of gas; electrical and utility contracting; data centres and telecoms.

About AMSC

AMSC generates the ideas, technologies and solutions that meet the world's demand for smarter, cleaner ... better energy. Through its Windtec™ Solutions, AMSC provides wind turbine electronic controls and systems, designs and engineering services that reduce the cost of wind energy. Through its Gridtec Solutions, AMSC provides the engineering planning services and advanced grid systems that optimize network reliability, efficiency and performance. The company's solutions are now powering gigawatts of renewable energy globally and enhancing the performance and reliability of power networks in more than a dozen countries. Founded in 1987, AMSC is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. For more information, please visit

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