11.7.2003: Meldung: Tomra Systems: Second Quarter Result 2003

Revenues 570 MNOK (-15% relative to second quarter 2002)
- Europe 184 MNOK (-29%)
- North America 299 MNOK (-7% in NOK; +8% in USD)
- South America 87 MNOK (-2% in NOK; +14% in USD)

Contract worth 100 MNOK signed with Coop Sweden Tomra recently entered into a contract with Coop Sweden for the delivery and upgrading of 820 machines at a value of approximately 100 MNOK. The installations will be completed during the second half of 2003. The agreement with Coop Sweden also includes plans to launch a national couponing program, which will be the first large scale couponning program ever launched by Tomra.

More than 20 test installations in Germany with 10 retailers During the second quarter several retailers intensified their preparations for the anticipated launch of deposit in October. This included testing of reverse vending machines and related equipment. Tomra currently has over twenty test installations of reverse vending machines for non-refillable containers with ten different retail chains in Germany.

Continued high machine installation rate in the U.S. Tomra installed 730 machines during the first half of 2003; which included 350 Tomra 83 HCp machines. The placement program in Michigan, which has stood for a major portion of Tomra"s installations in 2002 and 2003 in North America has been completed. However, Tomra anticipates a continued high placement rate in the rest of the US East region.

Lower than anticipated materials handling volumes in the U.S. due to lower beverage consumption Volumes within Tomra"s material handling operations have been lower than anticipated due to lower beverage comsumption caused by poor weather conditions.

Sales growth in Canada equaled 11% measured in local currency in the first half of 2003, in line with expectations. Tomra expects higher machine placements in the second half of 2003 as many retailers have indicated their intentions to replace older machines.
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