12.12.2006: Meldung: ARISE Achieves Milestones

ARISE Technologies Corporation, is pleased to announce that it has reached its 2006 technology milestones for its solar grade silicon and the high efficiency PV cell technology programs.

A full size, 100mm diameter ARISE heterojunction PV cell has been tested and has achieved similar performance to the proof of principle performance of a small 5mm(2) cell in Sept. 2004. The Company has been producing full size cells in its laboratory facility since August 2006. This result confirms that the technology is scalable. These basic test cells do not have traditional efficiency enhancements of texturing, back surface field and the I-layer. Several other parameters still need to be optimized. Now that the technology team has reached this key milestone, these efficiency enhancements will start to be added to the cell as part of the engineering optimization process. The following results where measured by a potential ARISE customer. The cell had an open circuit voltage of 612 mV, fill factor of 77.7% and efficiency of 12.7%. The Company had set a target of 12% for this stage of development for the basic cell configuration and given that it has achieved this, the Company believes that it can achieve 18% efficiency in production once the other technology features are added and optimized.

Since June of this year, the Company and its SDTC consortium partners have made a number of samples of high purity silicon in two different laboratories. Now that the process is producing consistent results in both laboratories and that the samples are of sufficient size, the Company has sent samples to an independent laboratory for analysis. The Company is pleased with the results which show that the "Proof of Principle" milestone has been met. The impurities for most elements were lower than the target level. The Company has also identified potential sources of contamination in the process for the three elements that had impurities that were higher than the target levels.

Ian MacLellan, President and CEO of ARISE commented that "We are very pleased to have met our Q4 technology milestones ahead of schedule. While we still have a lot of work to do, this provides the foundation for an exciting R&D program in 2007. Most importantly, these results have confirmed our technology strategy as we enter into the detailed planning stage for our proposed manufacturing programs in Germany and Canada."


ARISE Technologies is dedicated to accelerating the use of solar energy in mainstream North American markets. The Company"s shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol APV and on the Frankfurt Open Market Exchange under the symbol A3T. Additional information is available at www.arisetech.com and www.sedar.com.

ARISE Technologies Corporation, 321 Shoemaker Street, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2E 3B3, Tel. (519) 725-2244, Fax: (519) 725-8907, www.arisetech.com
Ian MacLellan, President & CEO, (519) 725-2244 x222, ian.maclellan@arisetech.com
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