13.12.2002: Meldung: Employee shares - Increase of share capital in Vestas (engl.)

Vestas Wind Systems A/S" offer for subscription of employee shares in the Vestas Group is now closed. The employees have subscribed for shares for a nominal amount of DKK 223,105 (223,105 shares) corresponding to a total subscription amount of DKK 13,386,300 based on the terms described in Stock Exchange announcement no. 16/2002 of 23 October 2002. The subscription price is DKK 60 per share of DKK 1 each. "We are pleased with the interest shown for the offer for subscription of employee shares", says Svend Sigaard, Managing Director - and adds, "however, the participation has been below the level at the latest offer for employee shares in 2000. This time, close to 15% of the eligible employees have subscribed for shares in the company. We consider this to reflect that the latest development in the share price has made it more attractive to buy shares already issued as these are not placed into a custody account for five years."

Warrant program 2002

The Board of Directors of Vestas Wind Systems A/S has on the 23 October 2002, according to the authorisation in the company"s articles of association, adopted a warrant program for the Board of Directors, Board of Management and key employees of the company and Managing Directors of the company"s subsidiaries. The warrant program confers the right to subscribe for a total of 132,000 shares against cash payment of an amount per share of DKK 114, cf. Stock Exchange announcement no. 16/2002 of 23 October 2002. The warrants issued have a total market value of approx. DKK 4,462,644. The market value of the warrants issued has been calculated on the basis of the Black-Scholes model by application of a 23-month historical volatility based on weekly observations (66.5%), an interest level of 3.6%, a share price of DKK 104 and on the assumption that the allotted warrants are exercised in the middle of the exercise period.

Status report on the company"s Insiders" holding of shares at 13 December 2002

Vestas Wind Systems A/S hereby provides a status report for Insiders" and their intimates" holding of Vestas shares (securities code DK 000001026860). Holding of shares Market value (DKK) The Board of Director"s holding 92,873 7,011,911.50 The Board of Management"s holding 121,050 9,139,275.00 The Insiders" total holding 296,046 22,351,473.00 The calculations are based on the closing price of Vestas shares on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange on 12 December 2002 (share price DKK 75.50).

For further information, please contact the Board of Management, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, phone +45 96752575.
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