1.4.2004: Meldung: Gamesa: Wind farm in China / First wind farm in USA

Gamesa Eólica
Vitoria-Gasteiz, 31th March 2004. Gamesa Eólica, one of the first world Wind Turbine Generator manufacturers and leader in Spain in the manufacture, sale and installation sector of wind turbines, has obtained a contract with the Chinese company Ningxia Electric Power Co. to supply, assembly and start up of 12 wind turbine generators of 850 kW unitary power in the third extension of the Ningxia-Helanshan wind farm.The 12 new wind turbine generators that will be installed in this wind farm, placed in the limit of the Ningxia and Interior Mongolia´s provinces, belong to Gamesa Eólica G58-850 kW model and will represent the installation of 10,2 MW additional power.The signature of this new contract with Ningxia Electric Power Co., that achieves a value of 5,14 million Euros, includes the supply, assembly and start up of the wind turbine generator without towers and means the continuity of Gamesa Eólica´s business relationship with this Chinese company, which has already acquired 18 wind turbine generators G52-850 kW and 6 wind turbine generators G58-850 kW in 2003 for the same wind farm. In this way, the total power of this wind installation will achieve 30,6 MW.The beginning of the assembly work of these new 12 turbines is planned to start for July 2004.The attainment of this contract means the maintenance of Gamesa Eólica´s supply on the Chinese market, simultaneously this supposes a considerable increase of its market share in this country.Gamesa Eólica has already turned into a reference in China, where has sold a total quantity of 113 wind turbine generators, equivalent to 93 MW.

Gamesa Energía
March 26, 2004. Gamesa Energia has inaugurated today in Illinois State its first wind farm in USA, constructed in a record time by its American subsidiary Mendota Hills LLC.

The wind farm "Mendota Hills" is equipped with 63 Wind Turbine Generator G52, of 800 kW unitary power, this means a total name-plate capacity of 50,4 MW. The first Wind Turbine Generators of this facility were connected to the transmission network on November 23, 2003.

The president of Gamesa, Alfonso Basagoiti, who has taken part in the inauguration, has announced that the company will be an active player in " the new and significant opportunities for the development of the wind power all along the United States ".

Alfonso Basagoiti has seized this inauguration to thank all the persons and companies that have contributed to the development, construction and commissioning of the Mendota Hills wind farm, including local and state political representatives, participating landowners, as well as to Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), the utility to which the wind farm sells the electricity. ComEd supplies the metropolitan area of the Chicago City.

According to the president of Gamesa, " the commissioning of this wind farm coincides with a period of growth within the wind power industry in USA. An industry that I sincerely believe, has a great potential of development ".

In Basagoiti´s view, the wind industry´s growth is clearly supported "by the federal and state regulative initiatives that, are helping to the consolidation of this clean energy generation market". In this way, he trusts that " at federal and state level, diverse measures will be passed, allowing for a significant increase of wind energy´s contribution to the electric national system".

Mendota Hills´s wind farm is an example of Gamesa´s active presence in the Midwest area of the USA. Besides Illinois, the company is developing projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa and other states. All of them are directed and coordinated from its head office in Minneapolis. Additionally, Gamesa Energía is also developing projects in the Southwest region of the country, through its office in Austin (Texas).

Currently, Gamesa has in USA nearly 2.000 MW under different phases of development. Upon an extension of the Production Tax Credits (PTC), Gamesa plans to install approximately 200 or 300 MW per year of additional wind energy capacity.

Gamesa Energia, one of the world leaders in wind energy development, is present in 15 countries, with approximately 15.000 MW of wind power under development and more than 500 meteorological towers installed.
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