15.3.2006: Meldung: Acciona SA acquires Pridesa, Spanish subsidiary of RWE Thames Water

ACCIONA acquires Pridesa for 150 million euro and is now the world leader in reverse osmosis desalination (14/03/2006)

* Pridesa, Spanish subsidiary of RWE Thames Water, is a world leader in reverse osmosis desalination and end-to-end water treatment.
* In a strategic move, ACCIONA has acquired a leading position in the worldwide desalination business using cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology, with over 70 references in desalination plants. The company also has extensive experience in conventional end-to-end water treatment, and operates plants in Spain, United Kingdom, the United States, Argelia and Peru. Pridesa has built and operates desalination plants with production capacity close to one million cubic meters per day, positioned as the world leading company.
* Additionally, Pridesa has strong experience in the integral water and wastewater treatment plants with references in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of treatment plants in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Pridesa has built and operates over 150 installations with production a capacity of over 1.5 million cubic metres per day, to serve close to six million people worldwide. It has also longstanding experience through Ondagua in water distribution and customer management
* Pridesa reinforces ACCIONA"s position in the desalination sector, where it already operates through Infilco (ACCIONA Water), an area with considerable growth potential in Spain (via the A.G.U.A. Plan) and worldwide, basically in the US, the Mediterranean Rim and the Middle East.
* Pridesa will form part of ACCIONA Urban & Environmental Services, reinforcing its market position Spain and worldwide, generating synergies with Infilco and other ACCIONA group companies that operate in the integrated water business.
* As a result of the acquisition of Pridesa, ACCIONA gains a presence in the water business in strategic international markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt and China.
* In 2005, Pridesa reported 169 million euro in revenues and 14 million euro in EBITDA.

Madrid, 14 March 2006. ACCIONA has acquired Pridesa, the world leading company in reverse osmosis desalination, from RWE Thames Water for 150 million euro. The acquisition is subject to the approval from the Spanish competition authorities and RWE´s Supervisory Board.

This transaction, coherent with ACCIONA"s acquisition strategy as pioneer in development and sustainability, places the company in the number-one position worldwide in the field of water management and strengthens its position in Spain vis-à-vis the A.G.U.A. Plan, which plans the addition of total new resources in excess of 1,100 Hm3/year, for a total investment estimated of 3.9 billion euro.

With the acquisition, ACCIONA has reinforced its market position Spain and worldwide by entering strategic markets such as United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China and Peru, while also reinforcing its existing foothold in markets such Morocco, Chile, Puerto Rico and Portugal.

Assets acquired

Pridesa is one of the world"s leaders in the field of design, construction and operation of facilities of reverse osmosis desalination and has significant experience in traditional water treatment and management of services
Pridesa develops a strong R&D activity in advanced membrane processes, including basic development research on new semi-permeable membranes for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, as well as new processes and applications in pilot plants.
With the acquisition, ACCIONA incorporates a team of over 875 professionals with development skills and proven experience in the field of water treatment.


Pridesa will form part of ACCIONA Agua within the company"s Urban & Environmental Services division, which is already a leading player in the field of end-to-end water treatment in Spain, where it builds and manages drinking water treatment plants and is also involved in wastewater and sludge processing, industrial water treatment and desalination.

ACCIONA Agua processes over 800,000 cubic metres per day and serves a total of three million people in Spain and other countries.

Prior to the acquisition, ACCIONA Agua had a leading position in Spain and abroad, operating in all of Spain"s autonomous regions with a track record of over 150 projects, 106 of which are currently in operation, and an active presence in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, where it has developed over 25 projects.

ACCIONA Agua also has major research, development and innovation (RDI) programmes, including tertiary filtration using microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, moving bed biofilm reactors and the simultaneous removal of nutrients from activated sludge using biological processes, all of which are aimed at finding alternative solutions in order to palliate water shortages.

ACCIONA, leader in infrastructure, services and renewable energy

ACCIONA, a pioneer in development and sustainability, is a leader in the development and management of Infrastructure, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, and Logistics, Transport, Urban and Environmental Services, in Spain and worldwide. In 2005, ACCIONA reported 4.853 million euro in revenues (a 19% increase), with 743 million euro in EBITDA (+30%) and 324 million euro in net profit (+40.8%). ACCIONA is included in Spain"s blue-chip Ibex 35 index (ticker: ANA.MC) and has a market capitalisation of over 7.3 billion euro.
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