20.11.2006: Meldung: U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp.: 50 Million Dollar Bond Financing

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. Engages Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. as Investment Banker Oppenheimer to Act as Placement Agent for 50 Million Dollar Bond Financing for Natchez Biomass / Electric Generation Facility Development

NATCHEZ, MS -- -- November 16, 2006 -- U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. is pleased to announce they have retained Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. as investment banker for $50 million dollar Bond Financing for development of the Company"s Biomass and Electric Generation Facility located in Natchez, Mississippi.

USSEC has engaged Oppenheimer to act as placement agent for a 50 million dollar Tax-Exempt/Taxable Exempt Facility GO Zone Revenue Bond financing. Oppenheimer will retain exclusive rights for an initial period of 120 days on a best effort basis to close not less than 100% of the principal amount of the bonds. Thereafter, Oppenheimer may continue on a non-exclusive basis.

Oppenheimer will advise the Company concerning the elements of the structure, terms and condition of the Bonds; assist in the preparation of any credit enhancement presentations and Bond offering materials; facilitate communication between the Company and any potential Bond purchaser(s), including the planning, arranging and conduct of presentations and due diligence; receive and respond to inquiries from potential Bond purchaser(s); direct the preparation of any rating agency presentation which may be a part of the sale of the Bonds; advise the Company in connection with the negotiations relating to the Bonds to be offered; and take such incidental or related actions on behalf of the Company as Oppenheimer may deem appropriate or the Company may reasonably request.

"We have been working closely with Oppenheimer to finalize their engagement and we are thrilled to finally announce their engagement as our exclusive investment bankers," said John Rivera, CEO of USSEC. "Their engagement will allow us to move forward with our development of the Natchez Facility with greater pace, which should bring revenue and earnings for the company much more expeditiously."

About Oppenheimer & Co.

Oppenheimer Holdings Inc., through its principal subsidiaries Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (a U.S. brokerdealer) and Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc., offers a full range of financial products and services from 82 offices in 21 states and 2 foreign jurisdictions.

About U.S. Sustainable Energy

USSEC holds patent-pending technology for a new breakthrough biofuel and carbon-based fertilizer. USSEC has successfully demonstrated the most cost effective method of producing biofuel estimated at $.50/gallon according to exhaustive studies and independent Lab confirmation. The company has developed the process, units and catalyst that will transform agricultural biomass into biofuel and fertilizer. This technology offers a solution for foreign oil dependence, balancing industrial and agricultural concerns with environmental issues and stabilizing and eventually reversing global greenhouse gas emissions. USSEC"s research and development has successfully demonstrated the core technology in its fully functional facility located in Port Gibson, MS. The company is currently pursuing fully scalable implementation and deployment at further locations. Unlike other biomass gasification, the USSEC process can operate at a variety of scale, converting even waste biomass into fuel and fertilizer. The fuel produced will ultimately be more valuable than ethanol or methanol, and the USSEC process can convert biomass materials at an efficiency that cannot be matched by currently planned operations. In addition, unlike virtually all other approaches for biomass to energy, which deplete soil nutrients, the USSEC process restores and enhances soil mineral and carbon content. As a direct result of this revolutionary approach to integrated energy and fertilizer production from biomass, the USSEC process effectively removes Greenhouse Gases from the atmosphere, and can do so profitably before the value of Green Certificates and Carbon Credits are considered.

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Kevin A. Mercuri

SOURCE: U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp
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