20.5.206: Meldung: Gamesa SA: New pilot experience

The agreement includes the installation of a "solar forest" consisting of 15 photovoltaic solar energy production units capable of generating 100 kW in Dunar de Matalascañas Park


Madrid, Spain, 19 May 2006. Gamesa and the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Doñana and its Environment, DOÑANA 21, have agreed to collaborate to promote a pilot experience on renewable energy source in the Dunar de Matalascañas Park in Huelva. The project consists of the installation of a "solar forest" to be composed of ten 5-kW and five 10-kW solar modules or trees.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Alfonso Basagoiti, the Chairman of Gamesa, and Luis Atienza, the Chairman of the Doñana 21 Foundation. Gamesa will advance the financing of project expenses, estimated at more than ¤1.1 million, and will sponsor costs for one energy production unit of the solar forest in question on a non-recoverable basis. The Doñana 21 Foundation will transact collaboration agreements with other entities for the purpose of raising the costs of the other solar energy production units.

Once the solar forest is installed, it will come to form a part of the assets of the Doñána 21 Foundation, along with the profits deriving from the production of electric energy by the installation. The Foundation engages to reinvest these profits in environmental education activities in the Doñana region, as well as in the maintenance of Dunar de Matalascañas Park.

The installation of photovoltaic sheets to capture solar energy on this location will endow this coastal landmark area with the possibility of a clean energy supply and serve three well-differentiated purposes: it will give the park entrance a distinctive form, provide parking space for coaches, and serve as an educational starting point for the visit to the park enclosure.

This collaboration project between Gamesa and Doñana 21 aims to promote an experience in sustainable development in the region of Doñana through the production of solar photovoltaic energy. This energy has a market of great potential, the development of which is being promoted owing to the commitments acquired in the Kyoto Protocol as well as to the progressive regulatory support that it is obtaining in different countries. In Spain, Royal Decree 436/2004 guarantees a regulatory framework that opens great perspectives for the development of solar energy, estimated at a forecast of 400 installed MWps in 2010. Gamesa minimises the risks for investors through its solar projects.

For the Doñana 21 Foundation as well as for its partners – the Andalusian Energy Agency, the University of Huelva and the Municipality of Almonte – the project represents an initiative to develop a global strategy that can contribute to the promotion and use of sustainable energies in the region of Doñana, apart from being an interesting opportunity to complement the educational offerings of the park with a pioneering experience in the area.

For Gamesa, it is one more step towards its Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental protection commitments to collaborate with entities that are promoting sustainable development, reconciling economic growth with the respect for nature. Moreover, with this activity, Gamesa has assumed the short-term objective of becoming the market leader in the promotion and execution of solar parks in Spain.
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