20.9.2006: Meldung: Wild Oats Markets Announces Rollout of Biodynamic Wines

Wild Oats Markets, Inc. , a leading national natural and organic foods retailer, today announced it will add Certified Biodynamic wines and wines made with Biodynamic grapes to its current selection of high-quality domestic, international and organic wines available at Wild Oats stores. Biodynamic is characterized by a connection with the soil, sunlight and rhythms of nature that are unique to each vineyard.

Biodynamic agriculture dates back to 1924, is considered the oldest comprehensive method of farming and is practiced around the world. This farming method goes beyond organic farming practices and follows a rigorous process that sustains soil productivity and maintains biodiversity with the use of organic pest controls, crop rotation and the cyclical rhythms of nature. Biodynamic agriculture results in a greener planet, self-sustaining farms, healthier soil, and great-tasting food and wines that are rich in nutrients.

"Wild Oats is proud to be the first national retailer to offer a comprehensive selection of Biodynamic wines to our customers," said Kevin Weaver, category manager for beer and wine at Wild Oats Markets. "Not only will these unique wines complement our current high quality selection, Biodynamic agriculture is very consistent with the Wild Oats mission of supporting a clean environment while maintaining sustainability."

In order for a wine to be labeled as Biodynamic, it must comply with strict standards set by Demeter USA. Demeter certification is globally recognized as a symbol for products grown using approved Biodynamic methods. Certified Biodynamic wines are made without the addition of yeast, enzymes, tannins, oak or chappalization, which manipulates the wine. Certified Demeter wines made from Biodynamic grapes are made with approved processing agents, such as yeast and are an intentional part of the wine making process.

"At Demeter, we have extremely rigid guidelines that a winemaker must follow in order for it to be considered Biodynamic," said Jim Fullmer, director of Demeter USA. "By simply following the rhythms of nature, these exceptional wines offer the truest expression of flavor and rely exclusively on the quality of the grape."

Wild Oats" growing selection of Biodynamic wines and wine made with Biodynamic grapes include: Frey, Patianna, Ceago and Cooper Mountain vineyards. These wines are available now in all Wild Oats stores that have liquor licenses.

To learn more about Biodynamic farming and Demeter"s certification processes log onto http://www.wildoats.com/ or visit http://www.demeter-usa.org/ for more information.

About Wild Oats:

Wild Oats Markets, Inc. is a nationwide chain of natural and organic foods markets in the U.S. and Canada with annual sales of more than $1.1 billion. The Company operates 113 natural foods stores in 24 states and British Columbia, Canada. The Company"s markets include: Wild Oats Natural Marketplace, Henry"s Farmers Market, Sun Harvest and Capers Community Markets. For more information, please visit http://www.wildoats.com/.

About Demeter USA:

Demeter is a leader of Biodynamic(R) certification and awareness, investing in and activating self-sustaining resources that make an impact on farm communities and the consumers they serve. Demeter USA provides Biodynamic certification to and exceeding the minimum standards set by Demeter International. These standards are offered to farms and handlers as a certification mark of Biodynamic value and approval.

Biodynamic(R) is a registered trademark held by Demeter Association Inc.
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