21.4.2008: Meldung: Test Trials for Power Generation in Germany Supplied by Green Energy Resources

Green Energy Resources (Other OTC:GRGR.PK - News) commenced the first ever American-based trial shipments of woodchips for power generation to Germany. The trial order consisted of woodchips shipped in 40"ft ocean containers out of Port Newark, NJ .The test duration takes approximately 4-8 weeks to complete at an undisclosed power generation plant near Berlin, Germany. The woodchips were specially selected from New York State for the trial order to meet German regulatory requirements for admission into the country.Test factors include quality, moisture content, alkaline and heat output among others. Germany is the worldwide leader of renewable energy and green house gas emission reductions. Successful test results well postions Green Energy Resources to be awarded a one to three year contract for upto 1 million tons annually. Current export values range in the $100 - $150 per ton range for the special energy woodchips. Green Energy Resources made history in 2003 a with the first ever American woodchip exports for energy to Italy and has target 20% of all European woodchip imports by 2011.

Europe"s power producers are committed to renewable energy and plan upwards of 20% of the total national output from renewable sources, including wood biomass by 2015. European demand for woodchips has risen sharply over the last twelve months. New wood biomass plants are coming on line throughout Europe at a rapid pace. The worlds two largest wood biomass plants are expected to be in operation in 2010 or 2011 and consume upwards of a million tons annually each. Wood biomass power plants filter 99.99% of entrained dust and emit no significant sulphur or chlorine gases. Wood biomass power plants qualify for carbon cap trading and carbon credits and are environmentally friendly. Green Energy Resources also offers wood pellets to mix with coal to reduce emissions by coal power plants. Nearly all of Europe"s coal producing power stations are now co-firing with pellets to reduce emissions.

Green Energy Resources is an energy pioneer of affordable woodchips for the renewable energy industry. The company obtains its supply from urban wood waste streams, tree farms, storm damage and recycled wood, including construction and demolition sources. Green Energy Resources developed the first ever urban / suburban forest management plan known as UTCS (urban tree certification system) with strict standards that include 3rd party verifications, chain of custody documentation and sourcing origins. UTCS can track trees from local street corners to residential backyards to managing the 50 million estimated tons of wood from four, 2005 Florida Hurricanes. UTCS is complete with a unique software system and is accepted by European Union Government oversight agencies for its environmental standards.

Except for historical information contained herein, the statements in this release are forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

Green Energy Resources
Joseph Murray
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