23.10.2002: Meldung: SatCon Power Inverters Comply with UL 1741 Certification Requirements

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22, 2002-- SatCon"s Power Inverter is the highest power rated
on-site generation inverter to comply with UL 1741
SatCon Technology Corporation® (Nasdaq NM: SATC - News), a leader in industrial power systems, announced today that it"s power inverters for on-site power generation have been determined to be in compliance with the "Standard for Inverters, Converters, and Controllers for Use in Independent Power Systems, UL 1741" by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization tested SatCon"s power inverters for compliance with standards for alternative energy, distributed and grid parallel energy generation systems. The SatCon power inverter is the highest power rated on-site generation inverter to comply with the UL 1741 standard, an important step in gaining approval for installations in California where such compliance is a requirement. "We are beginning to see the implementation of a whole new power system that uses on-site power generation tied to the existing utility grid to provide users with high-quality, reliable power," said David Eisenhaure, SatCon president and chief executive officer. "Recently, California passed a renewable energy bill requiring that 20% of its electricity come from renewable sources. With the uncertainty of an uninterrupted supply of oil from the Middle East, we believe that American energy independence will become an increasingly important issue for U.S. industries. By meeting the UL 1741 requirements, SatCon"s Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) are well-positioned to become the leading choice for customers interested in creating their own distributed power using fuel cells in conjunction with, or completely separate from, the utility grid. In addition to fuel cell applications, these UL compliant inverters will be suitable for photovoltaics, microturbines and other on-site power generation systems."
"High quality, reliable power is one of the biggest issues facing almost every organization in the digital economy, from semiconductor manufacturers to enormous data hotels," continued Eisenhaure. "SatCon"s power inverters will enable these organizations to generate their own power with the highest quality and reliability using the most powerful energy management products available today. Compliance with UL 1741 is a requirement for interconnection in California, long known as being in the forefront of energy legislation. We anticipate other states will follow shortly"
The power inverter includes an "anti-islanding" protection feature for detecting when the utility grid is out of tolerance or "black." The onboard disconnect scheme automatically disconnects the inverter output from the grid to provide seamless transition from "grid connected" to "standalone" mode, preventing power flow to the black grid. Thus, a manufacturing facility that wants to be independent from the power company can generate its own power from a fuel cell system using SatCon"s PCS to generate quality, reliable and interruptible power.
About SatCon"s UL 1741 Compliance
SatCon Power Systems" Three Phase Utility Interactive Multi-Mode Inverter design, Model AE-462-60-F-A rated 462KVA, has successfully completed compliance testing with the standard UL1741 for Inverters, Converters, and Controllers for Use in Independent Power Systems. (UL File # E227102)
About SatCon Technology Corporation
SatCon Technology Corporation manufactures and sells power and energy management products for digital power markets. SatCon has three business units: SatCon Power Systems manufactures and sells power systems for distributed power generation, power quality and factory automation, including inverter electronics from 5 kilowatts to 5 megawatts. SatCon Electronics manufactures and sells power chip components; power switches; RF devices; amplifiers; telecommunications electronics; and hybrid microcircuits for industrial, medical, military and aerospace applications. SatCon Applied Technology develops advanced technology in digital power electronics, high-efficiency machines and control systems for a variety of defense applications with the strategy of transitioning those technologies into long-term multiyear production programs. For further information, please visit the SatCon website at www.satcon.com.
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