23.1.2003: Meldung: Environmental Friendly Vehicles by IMPCO

IMPCO Technologies, Inc. Taiwan Taxi, a company founded in 1991 that provides taxi services throughout Taipei, formed an ""Environmentally Friendly Taxi Squad,"" using 200 LPG cars made by Formosa Automobile. The 200 LPG cars are equipped with IMPCO advanced fuel systems.

Pearl Kamdar, Director Asia Pacific Operations, said, "IMPCO is tremendously pleased to be part of the environmental movement in Taiwan, and the continued shift towards gaseous fuelled vehicles around the world. The new taxis provided jobs for 200 drivers, of which 120 were previously unemployed, the remaining 80 were taxi drivers who wished to swap their conventional taxi for a more environmental friendly model."

In a related release earlier this month, Wang Yung-ching Formosa Plastics Group chairman, said that Taiwan Taxi company can help protect Taiwan""s environment by using more liquefied petroleum gasoline (LPG)-powered cars produced by Formosa Automobile. There are over 70,000 taxis in Taipei only, which are candidates for conversion to clean burning propane. In Taiwan propane is approximately 40% less than the price of gasoline.

Wang at the inauguration of the ""Environmental Friendly Taxi Squad"", noted that compared to conventional cars, IMPCO equipped LPG cars can save up to NT$10,000 per month in fuel costs. In terms of environmental impact, LPG cars release much lower levels of harmful emissions into the environment than conventional cars.

IMPCO Technologies designs, manufactures, markets and applies products and systems allowing on- highway and off-highway engines to run on environmentally friendly, clean-burning gaseous fuels. IMPCO""s fuel system components, fuel systems and complete engine packages are used for a wide variety of applications in both replacement and OEM markets. The Company""s products are used in the transportation, material handling, power generation and industrial market segments worldwide.

IMPCO""s products improve the efficiency, enhance performance and reduce exhaust emissions by electronically sensing and regulating the correct proportion of fuel and air required by the internal combustion engine. IMPCO has extensive applications engineering, design and systems integration experience with respect to customers"" requirements for product performance, durability, reliability and physical configuration. Headquartered in Cerritos, California, IMPCO has offices throughout Asia, Europe, South and North America. http://www.impco.ws/

For more information: Dale Rasmussen, Investor Relations T. +1-206-315-8301 drasmussen@impcotechnologies.com James S. Mitchell, Global Marketing & Media T. +1-562-274-0116 jsmitchell@impcotechnologies.com
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