23.4.2008: Meldung: Abengoa SA: ISCC plant in Morocco

Abener has begun construction of the world"s largest ISCC plant in Morocco

Abener has placed the first stone for what will be the world’s largest power plant with ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) technology with a 470 MW capacity. It represents the perfect combination of innovation and sustainability. Located in Ain Beni Mathar (Morocco), it integrates CCP (parabolic-cylinder collectors) and a combined cycle.

The inauguration ceremony for the works took place on the 28th of March and was attended by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI. During his visit, the King showed an active interest in the innovative ISCC technology, which constitutes a pioneer initiative in an international sector where Abener is a market leader.

Before over 2,000 participants including high-level Moroccan government officials, executives, project technicians and operators, security forces, authorities and local celebrities, with entertainment by musicians and horsemen, and the inhabitants of the local municipalities, Mohammed VI presided over the ceremony. After a brief speech, he revealed the traditional stone monument into which he inserted the tube which contained the Inauguration Act.

We highlight the presence of State Authorities such as the Minister of Energy, Amina Benjandra, jointly with the Director Generals of the Companies involved in the project, Younes Maamar in representation of ONE (Office National de l’Electricité) and Manuel J. Valverde Delgado on behalf of Abener. It was also attended by Germán Bejarano García, Attaché officer to the Chairman for International Institutional Relations of Abengoa.

The primary novelty of the project is its cutting-edge technology. Ain Beni Mathar is a hybrid power plant with solar field whose useful reflection surface exceeds 180,000 m2 and it has the capacity to generate 20 MW. The remaining output is produced by its Combined Cycle Plant, comprised by two Gas Turbines (150 MW each), a Steam Turbine (170 MW) (which means 150MW from the Combined Cycle in addition to the aforementioned 20 MW from the solar field), Waste Heat Boiler and an Aero-condenser as its main equipment.

Abener is currently building the second ISCC Power Plant in Hassi R’Mel (Algeria) with an installed power capacity of 150 MW; it has a solar field with an equivalent capacity as the Ain Beni Mathar facility, although its Combined Cycle has a lower output. Both Power Plants must start operation in 2010.

The inauguration of the Ain Beni Mathar Plant reinforces Abener’s commitment to sustainable development by the execution of innovative projects in the renewable energies sector.
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