23.5.2007: Meldung: Green Energy Resources: Shareholder Base expanded

Green Energy Resources (GRGR) Expands Shareholder Base and Updates Investors
Wednesday May 23, 5:40 am ET

NEW YORK, NY----May 23, 2007 -- Green Energy Resources has expanded its shareholder base to nearly 2100 investors. The data became available May 15th from the "NOBO" list of company shareholders. The company has retained most of its original shareholders and added over 500 new investors from 2006.

Green Energy Resources traveled to Florida and Georgia this week to procure upwards of a million tons of forest fire timber from the region at no cost to the company. The timber is valued at approximately $15-20 million. Green Energy Resources plans to use the wood to supply biomass power plants in the United States as well as for exports.

UTCS & Hurricanes

Hurricane predictions for 2007 have been issued this week indicating a very active year. Green Energy Resources is meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with federal storm clean up contractors to work on logistical plans for accessing the wood, and coordinating UTCS software for tracking and management. Green Energy Resources hopes to conduct the first ever inventory of storm damaged wood in the US in 2007. GRGR will also seek to procure millions of tons of the storm damaged wood to put in its own inventory adding substantial assets to the company.

US market and carbon offsets

US biomass markets have awakened with a myriad of activity. The Northeast and California in particular are ratcheting up power generation through biomass. Regional carbon trading markets have created a rush for carbon credits. Green Energy Resources is conducting ongoing negations to supply several US power generators with biomass and UTCS carbon Offset credits.


A 15c211 was filed with the NASD in April. The filing is intended to raise Green Energy Resources" status from "Unsolicited" to "Solicited." Approval by the NASD can take 8 weeks or more. GRGR has made all necessary Pink Sheet filings and is in full compliance to date. GRGR plans to post its quarterly financials shortly.

Public Float

Green Energy Resources remains debt free, and has not raised any public capital. The issued and outstanding shares remains the same at 55 million shares and the float at approximately 16 million shares.


Green Energy Resources
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