24.5.2007: Meldung: Active Power, Inc.: Power Infrastructure for Two Major Data Centers

Active Power Green UPS Systems to Provide Critical Power Infrastructure for Two Major Data Centers

Wednesday May 23, 10:01 am ET
Flywheel-Based Solution Selected to Deliver 4.8 MegaWatts of Backup Power

AUSTIN, Texas, May 23 -- Active Power, Inc., inventor and manufacturer of the most reliable and energy- efficient critical power systems in the world, today announced it has been selected to deliver four of its 1200 Series flywheel-based UPS systems to two different data centers operators in North America. One customer is a leading U.S. manufacturing and distribution company based in Ada, Mich., and the other is a Honolulu-based data center and Internet exchange service provider. Each customer will deploy 2.4 MegaWatts of backup power to its data center floor utilizing Active Power"s patented flywheel-based UPS systems.

"Multiple orders for this amount of power demonstrate the acceptance of flywheel-based systems for major data center operations," said Gary Rackow, vice president of the Americas for Active Power. "The tides are changing in this market and customers are selecting green choices that deliver bottom line benefits."

Total cost of ownership and space savings played a critical factor in both customers" decisions. For the Honolulu-based customer, the cost per kilowatt hour for electricity is much higher in Hawaii than on the mainland. In this instance, total cost of ownership per year for the flywheel-based UPS as compared to a conventional battery UPS system should result in an estimated cost savings of $160,000 per year based on a utility cost of 16 cents per kilowatt hour. This savings is driven by the 97 percent energy efficiency of Active Power"s CleanSource UPS -- as compared to the approximately 90 percent energy efficiency in a typical battery-based system. This translates to a real bottom line reduction in energy consumption.

"We are seeing an emerging trend in the UPS market, particularly among data centers," said Farah Saeed, senior consultant, Energy and Power Systems at Frost and Sullivan. "These organizations are seeking out alternatives to the traditional suppliers of backup power with Active Power being an excellent example of this trend. A green choice delivered at an overall economic advantage to the client is a very compelling offering in today"s marketplace."

Active Power"s system delivers energy efficiency in a much smaller footprint than conventional UPS systems. For the manufacturing customer, the lead-acid batteries previously used with their UPS system occupied a huge footprint, taking up more than 800 square feet. The customer also purchased Active Power"s CleanSource DC solution to replace the batteries and will take up only 20 approximate square feet. The system is flexible and operates in a wide ambient temperature range eliminating the need for the operator to provide conditioned space for the system. It"s also a highly reliable source of energy, delivering consistent predictable performance over its 20 year life span with absolutely no degradation in service.

About Active Power

Active Power (Nasdaq: ACPW - News) provides efficient, reliable and green critical power solutions and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to enable business continuity in the event of power disturbances. Founded in 1992, Active Power"s flywheel-based UPS systems protect critical operations in data centers, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, broadcast stations and governmental agencies in more than 40 countries. Active Power also offers CoolAir, the only solution that provides both backup power and backup cooling. With expert power system engineers and worldwide services and support, Active Power ensures organizations have the power to perform. For more information, please visit http://www.activepower.com.

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