27.6.2006: Meldung: Green Energy Resources: Upgrade to "Solicited" Stock Status - Florida Market Maker

Green Energy Resources "GRGR" Initiates Upgrade to "Solicited" Stock Status; Engages Florida Market Maker
Monday June 26, 7:15 am ET

NEW YORK, NEW YORK-- Jun 26, 2006 -- Green Energy Resources has contracted Island Capital Management of St. Petersburg, Florida to file its NASD 211"s, maintain compliance and perform market maker functions; Recent rules imposed by "Pink Sheets" in its quest to become a Stock Bulletin Board require companies to engage a" Market Maker". The "Market Maker" supports the company"s trading and will allow "GRGR" to become a "solicited" stock to brokers, institutional investors the general public. It allows for major expansion, growth and greater visibility of the company. "GRGR"s current status is "unsolicited". Green Energy Resources currently maintains and updates its own 15c211, and is in full compliance with NASD and. SEC rules.

In other company news, Green Energy Resources guidance for the 2nd qtr shows a profit and will out perform 2005"s 2nd qtr numbers. First half the year financials should be ready shortly, as the company"s new CFO takes over and begins maintenance on a daily basis. The company expects a" significant" increase in sales for the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year, with the delivery of several export shipments scheduled for late summer and the fall of 2006.

About Green Energy

Green Energy Resources is a wood biomass supplier to the power utility industry. It is the only US supplier to utilize the stringent UTCS Environmental certification system that includes a chain of custody documentation. Green Energy Resources obtains its supplies from wastewood sources, such as landfills , municipalities, and hurricane storm damage. Wood biomass has multiple applications, including co-firing with coal, gasification, ethanol and biodiesel fuels, and direct burn. Biomass is the only renewable energy that can be stored with reserves and has application in upwards of 60% of total energy markets. Green Energy Resources was the first company to export woodfiber fuels for renewable energy from the United States, beginning in 2003.Further details about the sale are available through the company.


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