29.10.2003: Meldung: Aixtron"s MOCVD System installed at Samsung Institute

Aixtron, the world"s leading supplier of Compound Semiconductor Equipment, reports on the repeated sale of an Aixtron MOCVD Reactor System to Samsung"s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). Samsung"s research laboratory, founded in October 1987, focuses on the research and development of high performance electronic devices to be commercialized by Samsung. The state-of-the-art MOCVD reactor from Aixtron which is currently installed at Samsung"s site is also equipped with the most advanced multi- wafer in-situ monitoring tool that is available on the market: LayTec"s EpiRAS 2000 TT (True Temperature). This tool will be utilized for the research on future short wavelength laser devices like DVD-applications. With the EpiRAS TT many important properties of the expitaxial growth like the growth rate, layer thickness, doping levels, ternary material composition, and wafer surface temperature are monitored with highest precision - already during the MOCVD process.

Dr. YongJo Park, Head of the MD unit of SAIT states: "The AIX 2400G3 MOCVD system with the EpiRAS TT was evaluated clearly as the first choice for our projects. Aixtron"s mass production MOCVD reactor offers all the unique features of the Planetary Reactor Concept that we requested, like high reproducibility and superior material quality and uniformity, as well as the lowest running costs. The system is also equipped with the most advanced in-situ monitoring tool for MOCVD processes. It will give us new insight in the Epi-process and enhance us to shorten the development cycles for our next generation DVD lasers drastically. For production customers this also offers new methods of product quality control in MOCVD mass production."

Mr. Y. Y. Kim, General Manager of Aixtron Korea comments: "We are very proud that SAIT has repeatedly chosen Aixtron"s technology as platform for their future developments. The sale of this AIX 2400G3 system, which is furnished with our unique EpiRAS-TT tool, reflects our reputation for High End Laser devices production tools. The expertise of SAIT combined with the strong support from our local team will give a head start to SAIT"s development projects for high power DVD lasers."

Aixtron is, as verified by an independent market research institute, the world leading supplier of equipment for semiconductor epitaxy. Its equipment is used by a diverse range of customers worldwide to manufacture critical, advanced components such as HBTs, PHEMTs, MESFETs, Lasers, LEDs, Detectors and VCSELs used in fiber optic communications systems, wireless and mobile telephony applications, optical storage devices, illumination, signaling and lighting, as well as a range of other leading edge technologies. Aixtron AG (FSE: AIX ISIN DE0005066203) is listed in the Prime Standard and TecDAX of the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) and is included in the MSCI World Index.

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