29.11.2005: Meldung: Gamesa SA: contribution to the environmental improvement and Sustainable Development

Outstanding contribution to the environmental improvement and Sustainable Development

The total number of constructed and installed equipment by the company allows the saving of 1,331,255 tons of petroleum per year.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 28 November 2005. Gamesa, manufacturer and main supplier of technologically advanced products, installations and services in the renewable energy and aeronautical sectors, has produced and installed until the 31 of December of 2004 a total of 6,193 wind MW, allowing the saving of 1,331,255 Oil Equivalent (TOE/year) and avoiding the emission of 13,701,327 Tons of CO2/year to the atmosphere.

Gamesa is conscious that the development of its activities entails a commitment of respect and conservation of the environment. The protection of the climate and the environment demands an electrical production of null or low carbon dioxide emission.

The Kyoto protocol establishes the reduction of green house effect gas emissions as one of its reference target. Precisely, the target is to reduce 5% the polluting gas emission level worldwide in the period 2008-2012, until returning to the levels of the year 1990.

In the same way, the European Agency of Environment (EEA) has established in its report "Climatic change and European low-carbon energy system", published in June of 2005, the necessity to reduce 30% of the green house effect gas emission by the year 2020 to avoid the global warming and the serious consequences of the climatic change.

Gamesa, with the installation and manufacturing of generation equipment of renewable energies, and through its own policies of environment, is engaged with reduction of the green house effect gas emissions that the Kyoto protocol establishes.

For that reason, it makes in its daily activity different performances to protect the environment which include: Formation of workers in environment, analysis and prevention of emissions, spills, noises and remainders, application of systems of environmental management according to ISO 14001, and facilities adaptation and plans of improvement.

Recently, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an independent international institution that has developed the main standard for drawing up reports on Corporative Social Responsibility, has declared Gamesa Corporaci?n Tecnol?gica´s Annual Report 2004 "In Accordance". The report was presented as the company´s Integrated Report. The "In Accordance" declaration is the highest distinction awarded internationally for reporting on Corporative Social Responsibility.

You can find out more information about this and other aspects related to Gamesa´s environment policies in the specific section of Corporate social Responsibility of the website of the company (www.gamesa.es).
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