29.8.2007: Meldung: Green Energy Resources: 10% Stock Dividend

10% Stock Dividend for Shareholders of (GRGR) Green Energy Resources in 2007; Strong 4th Qtr Expected
Monday August 27, 7:00 am ET

NEW YORK, NY-- Aug 27, 2007 -- Green Energy Resources announced a 10% stock dividend for company shareholders in 2007, a 100% increase over 2006. The dividend will be based on shareholders holding stock on September 30, 2007. The record date is not official until a meeting of the company"s Board of Directors in September. Green Energy Resources issued a 5% stock dividend in 2006. The company plans to issue dividends quarterly in 2008.

Public Float

Green Energy Resources remains debt free, has not raised any public capital, operates on its own cash flow, is not leveraged or issued any convertible stocks. The issued and outstanding shares remain at approximately 50 million shares with a float of about 17.5 million shares.

About Green Energy

Green Energy Resources is a wood biomass supplier sourcing from landfills, municipalities, hurricanes, storm damage and other sustainable sources. Wood biomass has multiple applications, including co-firing with coal, gasification, ethanol and biodiesel fuels. Biomass is the only renewable energy that can be stored with reserves and has application in upwards of 60% of total energy markets. It is the 4th largest energy source behind oil, gas and coal. Green Energy Resources was the first company to export woodfiber fuels for renewable energy from the United States, beginning in 2003. Green Energy Resources has targeted a 20% market share of European biomass imports by 2011. The company also offers the sale of Carbon offset credits. The sale of credits will be available through the company website within the next couple of months. Green Energy Resources expects a very strong 4th qtr with the addition of log sales. The company announced earlier this year it would sell logs and and had ascertained rights to over a million tons of trees from forest fires that ravaged Georgia and Florida last May.


Green Energy Resources
Joseph Murray

Source: Green Energy Resources
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