30.6.2004: Meldung: Umgetauft - Powergen heißt ab Juli E.ON UK

The UK""s largest integrated energy company will be changing its name from July 5 - but consumer branding for domestic and small business customers will remain Powergen.

The company became part of the E.ON Group, the world""s largest investor-owned utility, in 2002, with this name change representing a major step towards a single group identity.

Paul Golby, Chief Executive of Powergen, said: "With our parent company having already invested GBP12bn in Powergen and shown a long-term commitment to both us and to the country, this move marks the next stage in our development.

"Our power stations already generate enough electricity to cater for the needs of more than eight million homes and will now be re-badged to E.ON.

"And our distribution business, which provides electricity for 4.8 million people from the Lincolnshire coast to the Welsh border, is now known as Central Networks, a company of E.ON.

"While our industrial and commercial retail arm has been re-branded at E.ON Energy our six million domestic and SME retail customers will continue to receive their electricity and gas from Powergen.

"We recognise the value in the Powergen brand and will continue to invest in it."

The re-branding process for the non- consumer retail areas of the business will continue over the coming months.

Source: PowerGen Group Plc
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