3.11.2004: Meldung: Suez SA: 384 million euros contract

11/03/2004 - Elyo (SUEZ) signs a 384 million euros contract for the management and maintenance of all City of Rome hospitals

Elyo Italia signed a new contract awarded by the Lazio Region, amounting to 384 million euros, for the management and maintenance of City of Rome hospitals, for a period of eight years.

Elyo Italia will be in charge of the management of heating and air-conditioning systems, electric equipement, lighting, as well as water and sanitary facilities in each City of Rome hospital.

This new contract strengthens the position of Elyo Italia in hospital sector, where its technological skills and know-how have been recognised, in particular by the Palermo and Verona Regions, which signed similar contracts in May and July 2004, amounting to 120 million euros.

Elyo Italia’s pre-existing strong presence in the Lazio Region, particularly within the Rome area, as well as the presentation of a management plan covering hospital patient and staff quality of service, environmental, health and safety problems, were key factors in awarding this contract.

This new contract confirms the leading position of Elyo (SUEZ) for energy services in Italy. It also highlights the exceptional organic growth of Elyo in Italy, which has recorded nearly a billion euros of new contracts since the start of the year, mainly as follows: hospitals in the Palermo and Verona areas, 35 railway stations in Southern Italy and, recently, Michelin for its Cuneo plant.

Elyo Italia, is a subsidiary of Elyo (SUEZ) and ERG PETROLI (leading private Italian energy and oil group). In 2003, its turnover reached 413 million Euros and it has a workforce of 700 people.

Elyo, an international group and subsidiary of SUEZ, designs and manages long-term energy services, with guaranteed performance. Elyo develops optimised environmentally-friendly solutions on its client (industrial and services sectors, local authorities, residential site managers) sites. In 2003, Elyo’s turnover reached 3.2 billion Euros and the company employs 18,100 people.

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