31.8.2004: Meldung: United Solar Ovonic LLC: Additional Order from Alwitra

Uni-Solar Ovonic Receives an Additional Order from Alwitra for UNI-SOLAR(R) Product, Increasing Sales to 1.5 MW in 2004
Monday August 30, 9:35 am ET
UNI-SOLAR(R) products to address the large grid-connected PV market in Germany

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Aug. 30 / United Solar Ovonic LLC (Uni-Solar Ovonic), a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD Ovonics) (Nasdaq: ENER - News), today announced that it has received an additional order of 750 kW of photovoltaic (PV) products from Alwitra GmbH & Co. (Alwitra) of Germany, which increases the total planned shipment to Alwitra to 1.5 MW in 2004.

Alwitra, a leading manufacturer of building-integrated PV products, chose the UNI-SOLAR® laminates because of their flexibility, shadow tolerance and superior performance both at high temperature and under cloudy and low-light conditions typical of Germany"s climate. Alwitra, which sells its products under the brand name EVALON-Solar 408 and 204, was the first company in the flat-roof business that integrated PV modules into flexible roofing membranes; the market introduction of EVALON-Solar was in 1999. The EVALON-Solar product integrates UNI-SOLAR® PV laminates with the roofing material and is easy to install.

"The UNI-SOLAR products will be used for on-grid systems on large roofs and fit perfectly with our marketing strategy," said Mr. Stefan Rehlinger, Managing Director of Alwitra.

"Alwitra, with a large customer base, is a major player in the German roofing market offering PV systems. We are delighted that Alwitra has chosen us to address the rapidly growing PV market in Germany," said Salama Naguib, Vice President of Sales and Global Marketing of United Solar Ovonic.

Uni-Solar Ovonic"s unique thin-film amorphous solar products are being accepted as the ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications. Differing from the traditional crystalline technology, which typically utilizes heavy, glass-mounted panels, the UNI-SOLAR® products are flexible, durable, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

About Uni-Solar Ovonic:

Uni-Solar Ovonic is the world leader in thin-film solar technology. Building on technology invented and pioneered by ECD Ovonics, Uni-Solar Ovonic"s 30-megawatt production equipment is the world"s largest and most advanced machine for the manufacture of thin-film solar cells and related products used for a variety of applications ranging from charging batteries for solar lanterns to large solar farms for utility-scale applications. UNI-SOLAR® cells are lightweight, rugged and flexible, and are ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems for residential and industrial customers. ECD Ovonics and Uni-Solar Ovonic hold the basic patents covering the continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing of thin-film multi-junction solar cells and related products. More information is available at http://www.uni-solar.com .

About Alwitra:

With new ideas toward better solutions, Alwitra products have had a substantial share in developing state-of-the-art flat roof technology. Alwitra Flachdach-Systeme GmbH & Co., Trier, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive flat roof systems. The wide product range comprises the roofing and waterproofing membranes EVALON® and EVALASTIC®, the super modern and unique photovoltaic sealing membrane EVALON-Solar®, as well as aluminum profiles for edge trims and integrated details such as rainwater outlets, vents and roof lights. Alwitra is a member of European Single-Ply Waterproofing Association, Bruxelles, Belgium. More information is available at http://www.alwitra.de

Source: United Solar Ovonic LLC
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