31.8.2004: Meldung: WorldWater Corp.: Strategic Initiatives

WorldWater Corp. Announces Strategic Initiatives
Monday August 30, 8:05 am ET
Commitment to Significant Growth through Proactive Expansion of Market Penetration of Cutting-Edge Proprietary Solar-Powered Technology on a Worldwide Basis

PENNINGTON, N.J.---Aug. 30, 2004-- WorldWater Corporation (OTC BB: WWAT - News) a leading provider of cutting-edge patented high-volume solar powered technology with diverse commercial applications on a worldwide basis in a broad range of industries, today announced its strategic initiatives for 2004 and 2005. The announcement details WorldWater"s strategic plan to generate significant growth by dramatically expanding its market penetration of solar-powered technology in multiple markets on a worldwide basis, according to Quentin T. Kelly, Chairman and CEO of WorldWater.

Core Objective: Commitment to Growth in Revenue, Earnings and Shareholder Value

The Company is now poised for significant growth and expansion into a number of new markets. The past year has been a turning point for WorldWater, due to a series of successful implementations of the Company"s patented technology and products. These achievements have demonstrated the performance and viability of WorldWater"s solar power products in a broad array of major applications. The Company is positioned for major revenue growth through a powerful strategy of international marketing of its proprietary solar technology via multiple channels to a broad spectrum of institutional and private parties anywhere in the world. It is the opinion of WorldWater"s management that it is in a prime position to capitalize on the worldwide demand for next-generation solar technology.

WorldWater"s market dominance in cutting-edge solar technology will enable the Company to exploit a broad range of high-revenue and high-profit opportunities in both the public and private sectors, facilitating additional contracts to increase revenues, while lowering costs and increasing margins. The energy generated by WorldWater"s solar-based systems is pollution-free, fully renewable, reliable, highly scalable and requires lower operating costs than conventional energy sources. Solar solutions in driving large motors for major industrial applications simply had not been possible before the development of WorldWater"s proprietary technology and its patented AquaMax(TM) products. With the ability to drive up to 600 horsepower motors, AquaMax(TM) technology provides at least one hundred times more output that any other product in the solar marketplace.

Notable achievements for the past year include:

* Supply of one of the largest solar power system at any U.S. community college, currently operating at California"s Cerro Coso College, where it generates 60 percent of the school"s electricity requirements.
* The world"s largest solar-powered refrigeration compressor system -- a 350-horsepower hydracooler at a potato processing facility.
* The world"s first commercial "smart card" solar drinking-water delivery system. WorldWater"s subsidiary, WorldWater Philippines Inc., installed the system, bringing a stable and safe water supply to a rural community.
* The world"s largest solar powered agricultural irrigation system. WorldWater"s AquaMax(TM) drives a 50-horsepower water pump on a California ranch.
* Award of a U.S. patent for automatic switching technology that enables a grid-tied electric system to switch to WorldWater"s backup solar power within a fraction of a second after a power failure.

Strategic Initiative 1: Concentration on Growth Markets

WorldWater is pursuing various contracts to sharply expand penetration of its core competency technologies in multiple markets, including:

* Military Bases: WorldWater has been meeting with military base commanders and other officials to discuss implementing solar water and power systems at some of the 5,000 military bases in the United States.
* Public Schools: The Company has begun talks with education officials in New Jersey to take advantage of that state"s new rebates to encourage solar and other renewable power in public and private construction.
* Agriculture: Recent successes in agricultural implementations of WorldWater systems in California -- combined with state financial incentives and the high price of power -- have led to increasing interest in solar.
* Water Utilities and wastewater treatment: The need to improve the efficiency and safety of these utilities is driving municipal interest in solar. The Company possesses the only solar water pumping technology applicable for municipal systems.

Strategic Initiative 2: Technology Partnerships and Co-Marketing Collaborations

Among WorldWater"s new collaboration agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) are:

* A broad-based agreement with Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., of Pune, India, the largest pump and motor manufacturer in India, and one of the largest such manufacturers in the world. WorldWater has pacted with the 100-year-old firm to explore implement its solar technology in India and other countries.
* An MOU agreement with Homeland Energy, a New York State-based developer of clean energy systems for industrial, commercial, agricultural and institutional customers to supply solar equipment for projects.
* Extension of the collaborative agreement with 1st Rochdale Cooperative, one of the oldest and largest electricity cooperatives in the United States, to bring solar-generated electricity to 1st Rochdale clients throughout New York City. The agreement is expected to yield numerous innovations, such as solar backups for elevators and other crucial systems in the event of blackouts.

Strategic Initiative 3: Leveraging governmental financial incentives

The Company will proactively work to leverage governmental financial incentives such as utility rebates, aimed at expanding the use of solar and other renewable energy sources. The Company is developing new marketing agreements to integrate its solar technologies with other renewable and conventional energy systems, both domestically and abroad.

Strategic Initiatives: Summary

"With the world"s fossil fuel resources being depleted at a disquieting rate, forward-thinking organizations and governments the world over are turning increasingly to solar power and other types of safe renewable energy to power the future. People everywhere have already suffered destabilizing energy crises and escalating prices. More such scenarios are inevitable as political and population pressures, as well as the spread of industry to developing nations, put ever-increasing strains on the current energy supplies," said Quentin T. Kelly, president and CEO of WorldWater.

"Going forward, we"ll be expanding well beyond just solar water pumping," said Mr. Kelly. "Although water pumping was our original core competency, we have extended the ability of our proprietary solar systems to drive any type of motor. It"s a strategic shift for the company that will bring more value to our customers. By bundling our technologies with other renewables, we"re achieving our goal of providing our customers with the most dependable and cost-effective energy solutions."

"By breaking the horsepower barriers of solar-power generation, WorldWater"s technology has opened up a vista of new business opportunities," said Mr. Kelly.

About WorldWater:

WorldWater Corp. is a full-service, international solar engineering and water management company with unique, high-powered and patented solar technology that provides solutions to a broad spectrum of the world"s water supply and energy problems. The Company"s recently patented AquaMax(TM) solar pumping systems, capable of driving motors up to an unprecedented 600 horsepower, make WorldWater the first solar company in the world with the power to deliver mainstream pumping capability. The Company is also a pioneering provider of solar powered water systems in the Philippines and developing nations in Africa and Asia.

WorldWater seeks to achieve significant revenue growth and earnings leverage by marketing its proprietary solar technology through multiple channels to a broad spectrum of institutional and private parties anywhere in the world. Prior to the development of the AquaMax(TM) technology, solar powered motors were limited in output to only 5 horsepower, and thus incapable of pumping the volume of water required for large scale systems. WorldWater"s proprietary AquaMax(TM) systems can drive motors up to an unprecedented 600 horsepower, generating significant commercial opportunities for exploitation by WorldWater and vastly expanding the range of applications for clean, renewable solar power in commercial, municipal and institutional mainstream applications. Each day, more solar energy bathes Earth than its 5.9 billion inhabitants consume in equivalent electric power in 27 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy"s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. With many international and domestic governmental agencies increasingly concerned about clean air and water conservation, WorldWater is well positioned to implement its patented AquaMax(TM) systems for the supply of all power needed for the largest irrigation and cooling systems in the world - with no pollution and no excess pumping to foul the air or excessively drain the natural water resource.

It is the opinion of WorldWater"s management that it is in a prime position to capitalize on the worldwide demand for next-generation solar technology, as represented by the Company"s patented technology. The energy generated by WorldWater is pollution-free, fully renewable, reliable, highly scalable and requires lower operating costs. WorldWater"s early-mover advantage, and its next generation solar technology, will enable the Company to exploit a broad range of opportunities in both the public and private sectors in multiple worldwide markets. For more information about WorldWater and its next-generation proprietary technology, visit the website at www.worldwater.com, or for investor-specific information at www.trilogy-capital.com


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