3.4.2003: Meldung: WorldWater stellt Pumpsystem vor (engl.)

The world"s first solar-powered 50 horsepower irrigation pump was unveiled at a commissioning ceremony Thursday, March 27, at the D.T. Locke Ranch in Mendota, in California"s San Joaquin Valley. The proprietary state-of-the-art solar irrigation pump system - the only one of its size in the world - provides several benefits for agriculture, including a "clean air" alternative energy source for pumping groundwater as well as long-term economic savings in energy costs.
"This system can play a key role in the long-term viability of California"s great agricultural industry," said Quentin Kelly, Chairman and CEO of WorldWater Corporation, designer and builder of the system. "Solar power offers farmers an alternative energy source that is reliable, affordable and clean, which is a significant plus for air quality in the San Joaquin Valley."
Joining Kelly and WorldWater-California President Dr. Guy Phillips at the event were California Energy Commissioner Robert Pernell, California Farm Bureau President Bill Pauli and International Center for Water Technology Director David Zoldoske.
The event showcased WorldWater Corp."s hybrid solar water pumping system, "AquaMax(TM)," which at the Locke Ranch features a 108 foot long solar array that captures the sun"s energy to power a three-phase 36 kilowatt, 50 horsepower irrigation pump. The controller converts solar DC current to AC, which powers the pump from either the solar array or from the electrical grid, or from both sources if necessary.
The system works as a hybrid in automatic combination with the electric grid, allowing the electric meter to "spin" backwards, called net metering, when the self-generating electricity isn"t used in the field. Because of its independent energy-producing abilities, the system provides farmers with an energy source for continued irrigation during an electrical black- or brown-out.
The system also provides solar energy to power the nearby farm shop, a house and domestic water well.
The AquaMax(TM) system offers a whole new approach and a significant change in the air quality of irrigation and power pumping for farms, ranches, dairies, water districts and food processing companies, said Kelly.
WorldWater Corporation is a solar engineering and water management engineering company active in developing countries and around the world.
In addition to designing, developing and marketing solar technology, WorldWater Corporation"s full-service management capabilities include advising and supplying farms, dairies, ranches and water authorities on all phases of the water cycle, from finding to pumping to delivering this precious resource.
This document may contain Statements which constitute "forward-looking statements." "Forward-looking statements" include any statement which is not of purely historical fact, such as statements concerning plans, objectives, goals, strategies and future events, and underlying assumptions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, and uncertainties expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements and actual results could be materially different from those projected. Actual events or results may differ materially from those discussed in forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, including, without limitation, general economic and business conditions which may impact demand for our solar generated pumps and electricity; changes in tax laws and regulations; our ability to implement our marketing strategy and to expand our business in the worldwide market; our ability to build our production facility up to the level of efficiency and output for our planned production; and changes in laws and government regulations applicable to our business, including laws in foreign nations.


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