3.7.2003: Meldung: Impco and Mitsubishi Go Clean in Australia

Impco and Mitsubishi Go Clean in Australia
Wednesday July 2, 9:00 am ET

CERRITOS, Calif., July 2 / Impco Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMCO - News), announced today that two Mitsubishi Magnas completed a 1500 kilometer journey through regional towns in South Australia and Victoria.

The occasion was the inaugural Autogas Challenge Clean Air Rally; an event that contrasted the fuel consumption figures of conventional petrol-powered family sedans with cars running on Autogas (LPG). Clean burning Autogas in Australia is 35% the price of petrol.

All Australian vehicle manufacturers participated in the event, with teams leaving simultaneously from Adelaide (Mitsubishi), Melbourne (Ford), Sydney (Toyota) and Brisbane (GM Holden). Mitsubishi and Ford featured dedicated LPG vehicles, while Holden and Toyota ran dual-fuel models.

Ms. Pearl Kamdar, Impco"s Director of Asia Pacific Operations, said, "The dedicated propane Magna was in the development phase for two years. The propane dedicated Magna was the result of environmental awareness within Mitsubishi and increasing demand from fleet buyers; which comprise one of the single largest motorcar buying segments in Australia. Fleet operators now regard environmental issues as critical. We designed the propane Magna to be as user-friendly as the gasoline version. The only area you"ll notice a difference is in the fuel cost -- it"s much lower." Ms. Kamdar added, "Fleet buyers definitely see the value in a dedicated propane motorcar, and as a result have placed substantial orders with Mitsubishi for the new Magna."

"We were delighted to be involved," said Kevin Taylor, Manager of Mitsubishi"s Special Vehicles division. "The event gave us the opportunity to showcase our first ever dedicated production LPG Magna -- a major milestone for us and clear evidence that Mitsubishi takes its environmental responsibilities seriously." Project Engineer Alex Fejer said, "We designed the LPG Magna to be just as user-friendly as the standard car. The only place you"ll notice the difference is in your fuel bills! The price of clean burning propane fuel in Australia is 35% the price of petrol." With an 88-litre tank, original filler location, standard fuel gauge location and warning lights and buzzers to indicate when fuel is running low, the dedicated LPG Magna is no different in driving terms to a standard Magna.

Regarding Impco:
Impco designs, manufacturers, markets and applies advanced alternative fuel products and systems. Headquartered in Cerritos, California, Impco has offices throughout Asia, Europe, South and North America. More information can be found at www.impco.ws . Impco also operates under the BRC brand names through its 50% ownership in that entity.

Source: Impco Technologies, Inc.
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