6.2.2003: Meldung: ECD Joint Venture Expands Partnership

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) (Nasdaq: ENER - News) announced that Ovonyx, Inc., a joint venture between ECD and Tyler Lowrey with equity investment by Intel Capital and other investors, has expanded the scope of the Ovonic Unified Memory(TM) (OUM(TM)) thin-film nonvolatile semiconductor electrical memory technology license granted to STMicroelectronics (ST) (NYSE: STM - News) in December 2000 and that ST and Ovonyx have agreed to extend their joint development program.

OUM technology offers potential benefits over existing nonvolatile memory technologies, including lower cost, faster read/write, higher endurance and improved scalability. Stanford R. Ovshinsky, founder, president and chief executive officer of ECD is the inventor of the electrical OUM technology. Ovshinsky is also the inventor of the commercially popular rewritable CD and DVD optical memory disks. Both utilize ECD"S proprietary reversible crystalline to amorphous phase-change mechanism and technology.

The expanded license agreement permits ST to use OUM technology in both discrete I.C. memory applications for Flash replacement and embedded applications with its microcontrollers, MOS logic, and other products that benefit from the enhanced performance and endurance of OUM. The joint development program integrates thin-film OUM memory material into ST"s silicon wafer fabrication process.

An announcement released by Ovonyx included the following comments:

"We are very pleased that ST has exercised its option to expand the scope of its license for use of OUM technology, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in our joint development program. The market for Flash and embedded nonvolatile semiconductor memory is growing rapidly, and ST is an excellent partner to work with towards commercializing OUM thin-film memory technology in a wide range of integrated products," said Tyler Lowrey, President and CEO of Ovonyx.

"The results obtained so far on the OUM development are increasing our confidence in this technology. We are considering OUM as a solution both in stand-alone applications with its small, scalable cell and fast write and also in embedded applications due to the low write voltage and process cost," said Giulio Casagrande, R&D Director at ST"s Memory Products Group.

ST is one of the world"s leading suppliers of nonvolatile memories with a portfolio that includes EPROM, EEPROM and both general purpose and application specific Flash memories, and it is a world leader in embedding Flash and EEPROM memory in complex chips for use in system on a chip, smartcards, disk drives, automotive engine management units, and other applications.

Ovonyx was formed with the charter to commercialize proprietary phase- change semiconductor memory technology invented by Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. Ovonyx OUM nonvolatile memory technology offers significantly faster write and erase speeds and higher cycling endurance than conventional Flash memory. It also has the advantage of a simpler fabrication process that allows the design of economical semiconductor chips with embedded nonvolatile memory. Additional information about Ovonyx and its memory technology is available at www.ovonyx.com .

ECD is the leader in the synthesis of new materials and the development of advanced production technology and innovative products. It has invented, pioneered and developed enabling technologies leading to new products and production processes based on amorphous, disordered and related materials, with an emphasis on advanced information technologies and alternative energy, including photovoltaics, fuel cells, hydride batteries and hydride storage materials capable of storing hydrogen in the solid state for use as a feedstock for fuel cells or internal combustion engines or as an enhancement or replacement for any type of hydrocarbon fuel. ECD designs and builds manufacturing machinery that incorporates its proprietary production processes, maintains ongoing research and development programs to continually improve its products and develops new applications for its technologies. ECD holds the basic patents in its fields. ECD"s website address is http://www.ovonic.com .

This release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements are based on assumptions which ECD, as of the date of this release, believes to be reasonable and appropriate. ECD cautions, however, that the actual facts and conditions that may exist in the future could vary materially from the assumed facts and conditions upon which such forward-looking statements are based.

Source: Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
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