7.10.2005: Meldung: Solar Energy Limited: Solar Subsidiary Planktos Commences Operations

Solar Subsidiary Planktos Commences Operations
Thursday October 6, 5:28 pm ET

FOSTER CITY, Calif.-- Oct. 6, 2005--Planktos Inc., a subsidiary of Solar Energy Limited, today announced that it has commenced the operation of its ocean restoration enterprise based in Foster City (San Francisco) in conjunction with Diatom Corporation, also based in Foster City. Diatom will market ocean biomass carbon credits derived from the restoration of plankton productivity produced by Planktos.

Planktos is developing practical solutions to global climate change environmental issues, especially those that impact ocean health. These issues include dramatic declines in critical ocean micro-nutrients important to phytoplankton growth, increased ocean acidity brought on by absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) reduced ocean carbon cycling efficiency, and consequent reductions in overall ocean productivity. Each of these conditions reflects dramatic human-caused changes driven by demands of growing populations and industrialization. CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning are the primary cause of both ocean change and global climate change.

Planktos" initial effort will be to conduct a series of commercial scale pilot projects designed to sequester (absorb) atmospheric CO2 via plankton -- the ocean"s forest. Initially, this will be done by mimicking nature via the addition and replenishment of natural iron nutrients to stimulate phytoplankton productivity and sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Solar also announced that the president of Planktos, Russ George, has been appointed as the chief executive officer and as a director of Diatom. The appointment of Mr. George to Diatom"s management will ensure continuity in post prove out technology. Mr. George retains his position as the president of Planktos. Mr. George specializes in technology transfer of scientific discoveries into practical applications. He has worked as both a professional manager and businessman in both the United States and Canada. He has managed large scale reforestation and land reclamation projects in the forestry and mining industry, as well as ocean fisheries enhancement and aquaculture projects.

Diatom Corp. is a business offering low cost carbon credits and other ecological assets available in the environmental marketplace. Diatom will first offer credits from sequestration of tons of CO2 brought about by verified restoration of phytoplankton populations. These carbon credits will help satisfy international agreements (such as the Kyoto Accord), domestic U.S. programs (such as Department of Energy"s Voluntary Reporting Guidelines), and various state policies (such as California"s climate change laws) that encourage mitigation for CO2 emissions.

Other principals include William G. Coleman, who will serve as executive and chief operating officer for Diatom Corp. Mr. Coleman has 30 years of experience working in the environmental field, including nearly ten years helping build ecological asset value for energy, mining and forest management companies in the U.S. and Europe.

The enterprise enjoys the advice and support of several leaders in the scientific community. Among them are professor Tony Michaels, director of the Wrigley Marine Institute for Environmental Studies at UCLA, Professor Dave Karl, recipient of the A.G. Huntsman Award at the University of Hawaii, and Dr. C.S. Wong of the Institute of Ocean Science at the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.


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Source: Solar Energy Limited
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