7.7.2005: Meldung: Solco Ltd.: Tsunami Relief

Tsunami Relief

Solco have this week established a water purification and supply facility in Sri Lanka for Tsunami relief based on the success of Solco’s ongoing Maldives water supply trial powered by solar energy.

The Sri Lankan project, which became operational this week, has been established in the village of Seenigama, three hours south of Colombo. Seenigama is situated immediately adjacent to the village of Telwatte, where the passenger train was hit by the Tsunami. Most of the homes in theses villages were wiped out by the Tsunami

The facility is a three-way joint venture with our Sri Lankan manufacturing licensee established in 1995 to produce the Solco solar hot water systems and water tanks, and with Sky Juice.

This facility aims to provide an example of a working solution that supplies bulk fresh water to the devastated villages throughout Sri Lanka, where $200 million of Australian aid money has been allocated but yet to be spent.

Solco Ltd Managing Director, Duncan Stone, said that this is excellent timing as the rebuilding effort is only just beginning. “After proving our technology recently in the Maldives we knew that there were great opportunities to also help the people of Sri Lanka.”

Mr Stone said the need for basic infrastructure is still dire in the Seenigama – Telwatte region and the provision of reliable clean water supplies from the facility will have a profound short and long term impact on the re-building process using renewable energy.

In addition to the Solco pumping systems, water purification is completed using a new technology suitable for non salty but unclean water. This approach is different to the solar powered reverse osmosis solution provided by Solco in the Maldives. This extended range of the new water purification technology working in conjunction with solar solutions at Solco significantly increases the ability of Solco to expand its international network for sustainable water and power solutions. The new technology package is particularly applicable in Africa which is currently the focus of the G8 meetings in Scotland.

Solco is positioning itself to be a major implementer of sustainable water and power solutions in the African and Asian regions. The Solco approach is to utilise its existing alliances via manufacturing licensees exactly as it has done in Sri Lanka, and to continually roll out more of these renewable based solutions over the next twelve months in a number of countries.

For further information contact Duncan Stone on (08) 9334 8100.
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