Hydrogenics: E.on Inaugurates Energy Storage Facility

Der deutsche Energiekonzern E.on hat jetzt einen Anlage mit Technologie der kanadischen Brennstoffzellentechnik-Spezialistin Hydrogenics gestartet. Wir veröffentlichen deren Mitteilung dazu im Wortlaut.

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Hydrogenics Corporation (HYGS) (HYG.TO) ("Hydrogenics" or "the Company"), a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based power modules, today announced that the Company's 1.5 megawatt PEM electrolyzer energy storage system was officially inaugurated at E.ON's site in Hamburg, Germany. The Hydrogenics electrolyzer produces "green" hydrogen using surplus renewable energy produced primarily from wind sources. The hydrogen will be fed into the natural gas grid of the city of Hamburg, thereby providing local citizens with energy which would otherwise be wasted. Power-to-Gas (P2G) applications such as this enable surplus renewable energy, in the form of hydrogen, to be stored and immediately transported via the natural gas grid to consumers. Hydrogenics' PEM electrolysis technology represents a new, highly efficient and ultra-power-dense manner to effect Power-to-Gas.

The unit in Hamburg, with its complete system residing in a single 40-foot ISO container, stores up to 36MWh per day of renewable energy. At the core of this P2G system is a single PEM electrolyzer stack rated for 1.5 megawatts of continuous power. It is the world's most power-dense stack for the generation of hydrogen in a volume of less than 0.5 m3. This compact footprint provides a cost-effective foundation for substantially larger systems, scalable to energy storage in the multi-megawatt and even gigawatt levels.

"Today our electrolyzers operate in over 100 countries with more than 500 active installations," said Daryl Wilson, CEO of Hydrogenics. "Hydrogenics has a pedigree for safety and reliability that goes back to 1948. Our knowledge and experience as the world's largest commercial manufacturer of industrial-grade electrolyzers, coupled with our extensive background in PEM technology, give us the ability to bring the world's most power-dense electrolyzer to the German market. Our customer, E.ON, is a world leader in adopting electrolysis for megawatt-scale energy storage and, since 2013, the company has commercially operated a P2G facility in Falkenhagen, Germany using Hydrogenics alkaline technology. Now, with our next generation PEM platform, E.ON is taking the clear lead in demonstrating the viability of hydrogen as the most suitable medium for multi-megawatt energy storage."

About Energy Storage in Germany

Germany is a key energy storage player in Europe thanks to its leading position in terms of installed capacity of fluctuating renewables. In 2014, power from renewable sources in Germany accounted for 28 percent of total electricity generation. For the country to attain its ambitious goals of getting a third of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020 (and at least 50 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050), it must find a way to integrate and store many gigawatt hours of energy. According to the German Energy Agency (DENA), significant investments in energy storage will be required for the country to meet its renewable energy commitments. Power-to-Gas is the only energy storage solution which can provide the capacity needed for large-scale renewable power generation.

About Hydrogenics

Hydrogenics Corporation (www.hydrogenics.com) is a globally recognized developer and provider of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products and services, serving the growing industrial and clean energy markets of today and tomorrow. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Hydrogenics has operations in North America and Europe.
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