ICP Solar: Fiscal 2009 Q2 Financial Results

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CP Solar Technologies Inc., a developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary solar panels and products, announced financial results for its second quarter and six months ended July 31, 2008.

Highlights for the Quarter

    * Sales increased 15% as compared with the second quarter of fiscal 2008, driven by customer expansion and new market penetration; on an organic basis, excluding discontinued operations, revenue rose 19% year over year
    * The Company reduced selling, general, and administrative expenses (SG&A) by 8% versus the prior-year period
    * Adjusted EBITDA was $(0.9) million for the quarter, as compared with $(0.4) million for the quarter ended July 31, 2007, reflecting new product introductions and supply chain development expense
    * The Company completed a private placement of 11% senior convertible debentures and warrants to institutional and accredited investors, resulting in total gross proceeds of $3.3 million
    * The Company also completed the sale of the majority of its shares in ICP Solar Technologies (UK) to ISE Solar LLC for aggregate proceeds of $3.0 million. Of this amount, the Company has received approximately $0.7 million; the remaining obligation, net of $1.2 million in 12% unsecured convertible debentures, will be paid to ICP in installments through June, 2010
    * During the quarter, the Company entered into a sales contract with Nissan for its solar charger in Europe and North America; signed Pro Sport as a distributor in Russia and Ukraine; appointed EnergyGross as its distribution partner in Finland and Sweden; and was selected by Sea Choice for the design and supply of its new line of solar chargers

“ICP Solar posted strong revenue growth this quarter, as we continued to take measures designed to improve our operating performance and take advantage of the robust solar marketplace worldwide,” said Sass Peress, CEO. “Our top line growth, excluding discontinued operations, was nearly 20% – further proof that our geographic expansion strategy is taking hold, boosted by a broader product line and strong demand for renewable energy applications. At the same time, ICP reduced its overhead this period, and we will take further steps to streamline our operating structure as necessary.

“We are also clearly focused on increasing gross profit margins, which were negatively impacted this quarter by new product introductions and manufacturing inefficiencies. As orders rise, and with a heightened focus on supply chain improvement and lean production techniques, we expect margins to return to historical levels in the coming quarters. At the same time, we continue to invest in R&D and in targeted global growth opportunities that will benefit the company, and our shareholders, over the long term.

“Even as Spain and certain other markets have proven to be more challenging than expected, we have sharpened the effectiveness of our sales and marketing initiatives, resulting in the many new distribution channels and development agreements this quarter – including with Nissan and Sea Choice. In addition, we have received our first orders for Sunsei’s Wireless Greenmeters, and initial success with the field tests conducted have been very encouraging. We are taking the necessary steps to accelerate time to market and improve the company’s ability to respond to heightened interest in solar products even in a slowing global economy. With the our private placement complete – and with the sale of our UK operations behind us – our balance sheet is strong, leaving ICP well positioned for sustained growth and improved profitability going forward.”

Financial Results

Revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2009 was $1.9 million compared with $1.7 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2008, reflecting higher product demand and geographic expansion. The company's operating loss for the quarter was $(1.4) million versus $(1.2) million in the prior-year period, with the increase primarily due to additional start-up expense and supply chain development. Adjusted EBITDA for the second quarter of fiscal 2009 was $(0.9) million, compared with $(0.4) million for the second quarter of fiscal 2008. The company posted a net loss for the second quarter of $(3.6) million, or $(0.11) per diluted share, compared with net income of $1.0 million, or $0.03 per diluted share, in fiscal 2008.

Non-GAAP Measures

The Company uses certain non-GAAP measures to assist in assessing its financial performance. Non-GAAP measures do not have any standardized meaning prescribed by GAAP and are therefore unlikely to be comparable to similar measures presented by other companies. One such non-GAAP measure used for assessing financial performance is net income (loss) before interest, income taxes, amortization, financing costs and non-cash charges ("Adjusted EBITDA").

About ICP Solar Technologies, Inc:

ICP Solar is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of solar panels, solar cell based products, solar monitoring software and solar power management solutions. Through the application of its own intellectual property and next-generation technologies, the Company aims to be the solar industry's innovation leader. For the past 19 years, ICP Solar has been a lead innovator in the consumer solar market and has now begun to apply that same innovation philosophy to the OEM, rooftop and power generation segment of the solar industry. ICP Solar's management has over 50 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. ICP Solar markets its products under its Sunsei brand of solar products and is the North American licensee of the Coleman(R) brand in the solar charger category. ICP Solar is also helping the environment by offering these solar technologies and green solutions to the renewable energy sector. The company's headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada, with an R&D center in St. John’s Canada and additional locations in the USA, Ireland, France and the UK. Additional information may be found at www.icpsolar.com.

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ICP Solar Technologies, Inc.
Consolidated Statement of Operations

(Expressed in U.S. $)

For the Three-Month Period

For the Six-Month Period

Ended July 31,

Ended July 31,




Net Sales         $     1,946,943         $     1,690,536         $     3,838,597         $     4,310,876
Cost of Sales                 1,469,462                 844,902                 2,661,195                 2,262,304
Gross Profit                 477,481                 845,634                 1,177,402                 2,048,572
Selling, general and administrative             1,772,783             1,918,998             3,357,017             3,139,264
Depreciation             6,946             10,669             13,342             89,175
Research and development             117,025             10             155,273             263
Foreign exchange loss (gain)                 7,759                 75,216                 13,745                 (13,024)
                  1,904,513                 2,004,893                 3,539,377                 3,215,678
Operating Loss                 (1,427,032)                 (1,159,259)                 (2,361,975)                 (1,167,106)
Interest expense             (64,308)             (142,146)             (101,055)             (184,449)
Interest income             851             5,827             5,614             11,300
Forgiveness of loan receivable             -             -             (88,973)             -
Write-down of loan receivable             -             -             -             (229,128)
Accretion of discount on convertible notes             (137,573)             (16,319)             (167,495)             (94,283)
Discount on loan receivable             -             (618,658)             166,404             (618,658)
Discount on convertible debentures             (246,914)             -             (246,914)             -
Interest expense on put warrants             (560,667)             -             (560,667)         
Financing costs             (382,761)             -             (382,761)             -
Accretion of discount on loan receivable             26,367             89,840             35,639             89,840
Gain on disposition of subsidiary                 9                 2,818,207                 9                 2,818,207

Net Earnings (Loss) Before Income Taxes
            (2,792,028)             977,492             (3,702,174)             625,723
Deferred income taxes                 850,000                 -                 850,000                 -
Net Earnings (Loss)                 (3,642,028)                 977,492                 (4,552,174)                 625,723
Other Comprehensive Income (Loss)                                 
Foreign currency translation adjustment                 -                 12,093                 -                 2,250
Comprehensive Income (Loss)           $     (3,642,028)           $     989,585           $     (4,552,174)           $     627,973

Basic Weighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding

                33,724,100                 20,000,000                 33,724,100                 20,000,000
Basic and Diluted Earnings (Loss) Per Share                 (0.11)                 0.03                 (0.13)                 0.02
Adjusted EBITDA reconciliation           Three months ended           Six months ended
($ thousands)         31-Jul-08                   31-Jul-08           31-Jul-07
Net earnings (loss) before Income Taxes         (2,792)         977         (3,702)         626
Add (deduct):                                 
· Interest (net)         63         136         95         173
· Interest expense on put warrants         561                 561         
· Amortization         7         11         13         89
· Foreign Exchange         8         75         14         (13)
· Financing costs         383                 383         
· Stock based compensation and warrants         519         653         1,200         653
· Amortization,accretion and adjustment of discounts         359         545         213         623
· Forgiveness of loans                         89         
· Write- downs                                 233
· Gain on disposition of subsidiary                       (2,818)                       (2,818)
Adjusted EBITDA           (892)           (421)           (1,134)           (434)


ICP Solar Technologies Inc.
Sass Peress, 514-270-5770
Chief Executive Officer
Investor Relations:
Chris Witty, 646-438-9385

Source: ICP Solar Technologies Inc.
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