Sustainable Power: Interest in Texas Power Systems Acquired

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Sustainable Power Corp. announced that it has reached an agreement with Texas Power Systems, a division of TPS Houston Group LLC, pursuant to which SSTP will acquire a 30% interest in TPS.

TPS Houston Group, LLC was formed in August 2004, to acquire, remanufacture, service, sell and distribute power generators to meet the needs for power generation in areas of municipal power, drilling applications, prime and stand-by power requirements in the world power market. Sustainable Power has already acquired a 580 KW power generator from TPS which has been tested and works on the biofuel products produced by Sustainable Power's facilities.

By acquiring this interest in TPS, Sustainable Power now has an in-house company with power generation capability directly from Sustainable Power's biofuel products.

TPS Houston Group, LLC's strength is in its ability to package, repair in-house, and owner operate power generation packages from 50 KW to 100 mega watts on either diesel fuel, HFO, or natural gas anywhere in the world! The power generation packages will operate directly on the biofuels produced by Sustainable Power. TPS' main product line is Caterpillar with Waukesha, GM, Superior, and Cummins to balance the market. TPS Houston Group, LLC is capable of classified packaging of these products to operate in hazardous locations. At this time, TPS has a contract pending in Bolivia for up to 75 mega watts over the next 8 years and in 2004 sold its 4-5 mega watt plants in Ecuador. The future in Central and South America is with a growth potential to as much as 50 mega watts in various locations. This capacity and capability is naturally synergistic to the operations of Sustainable Power throughout Central and South America.

John Rivera, SSTP Chairman, advised, "I am pleased we have brought TPS Houston Group into our fold. The natural fit of our two companies was immediately recognized when we completed our review. We are excited about the potential to generate power essentially in-house at Sustainable Power."

Stephan Lett, President of TPS Houston Group LLC, stated, "With the combination of SSTP and TPS, we have created a powerful electricity generation company capable of delivering power generation capacity throughout the world, particularly in areas which would otherwise be impossible. We at TPS are excited to be part of the team at Sustainable Power as we work to grow green energy in the United States and elsewhere."

About TPS Houston Group

TPS Houston Group, LLC was formed in August 2004, to meet the needs for power generation in areas of municipal power, drilling applications, prime and stand-by power requirements in the world power market. TPS also provides service, remanufacture, and package at a technical level comparable to OEM dealers in less time and less cost.

The main facility in Houston, Texas consists of five warehouses and 22 acres for expansion with offices and operations in Quito, Ecuador, Grand Cayman Islands, and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which gives TPS the logistics to serve Central and South America with great ease. For more information please visit

About Sustainable Power Corp.

Sustainable Power Corp. is an international green energy total service provider focused on environmentally safe power generation. The company has the exclusive rights to develop and manage a portfolio of green energy plants utilizing a renewable fuel source able to be produced from non-food feed stock. For more information please visit

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Source: Sustainable Power Corp.
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